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FAQs to Consider When Boarding Your Dog

March 17, 2019

You undoubtedly love your dog as much as any member of your human family - perhaps even a little more sometimes!

This means that you will want your canine companion to be in the best possible care in the event that you aren't around to look after her. One of the best ways to guarantee that she is properly taken care of is to place her in a professional pet boarding facility in Orlando, FL. However, if you haven't used boarding before, sometimes referred to as kennels, you probably have very little idea of what is involved in the process and have a lot of questions so that you can set your mind at rest that your dog is in safe hands.

Here are just a few FAQs to consider when boarding your dog.

How Do I Choose Which Boarding Facility Is Right for My Dog?

Deciding which boarding facility to use to take care of your dog is probably the biggest and trickiest decision you will have to make. This is because what is offered can vary wildly between different kennels. Some are small setups that can only accommodate a few dogs at a time, while others have much larger capacities and much more staff. Exactly what services your dog can benefit from can also vary, from basic care to additional things such as grooming, health checks, and dental cleans.

Since kennels can vary so greatly, it is essential that you spend plenty of time checking out the different options available to you, seeking out recommendations, and visiting them in person to ensure that you choose the one where you feel your dog will receive the best care.

Are There Any Restrictions on whether or Not My Dog Is Allowed to Board?

Not all boarding facilities will accept all dogs and therefore it is essential that you check out your preferred kennel's entry requirements before booking your canine pal. Some will refuse specific breeds or ages of dog, and most will insist on your pet is in good health ahead of her stay. This will include providing proof that she is up to date with her core vaccinations and is free from worms, ticks, mites, and other parasites. If your dog doesn't meet any of the entry requirements for your chosen boarding facility, you may lose your deposit and find yourself without reputable accommodation for your pet.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book?

If you haven't boarded your dog before you probably don't realize quite how popular the service is, particularly at busy times of the year such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break when many families go on vacation. As you might expect, the best boarding facilities get booked up the quickest, and this means that you will need to schedule your dog's space as far in advance as possible.

Can I Choose What My Dog Will Eat when in Kennels?

Since research has shown that it is actually detrimental to switch up your dog's diet temporarily, most kennels recommend that she sticks to her regular food if possible. This will help ensure that she eats while boarding and should prevent her from having a reaction or upset stomach - something which typically occurs after a dietary change. Most kennels offer a couple of the most popular brands of dog food, but if these aren't suitable for your pet then they should be happy for you to provide your own.

My Dog Is on Medication, Can She Still Be Boarded?

If your dog needs regular medication to help keep her healthy, it can be difficult to find a friend or neighbor with the knowledge and experience to administer this on your behalf. Again, this is where a professional boarding facility is valuable. Any reputable service should have staff who are more than happy to give your dog her medicine exactly as prescribed, ensure she has taken it all and that it isn't having any unpleasant effects.

Can My Dog Have Any Items from Home?

One of the easiest ways to help your dog settle into kennels is for her to have something familiar from home with her. This could be a favorite toy, a blanket or shirt that smells of you, or even her own bedding. However, each boarding facility will have a different policy on what is allowed, so make sure you check before you start packing her up!

These are just some of the questions we are most frequently asked by owners planning on placing their darling dog in our boarding facility. However, if you need more information or you would like to book a visit to come and see where we board the pets visiting us on their furry vacations, please contact our vets in Orlando, FL at (407) 568-9663 today.